Congratulations all of our newly elected Board Members for the 2013-2014 Board Year

The following is the complete list of the 2013-2014
Executive Board Officers and Directors of
New Jersey Women Lawyers Association. 

We want to congratulate all of our newly elected Board Members for the 2013-2014 Board Year (Executive Board) and congratulate and welcome a few new Directors for the 2012-2014 Board Term (Director and Trustee at Large Positions). We welcome you to the NJWLA Leadership if you are new to our Board and thank you for your continuing commitment if you are a returning Board Member.
All positions will be effective July 1, 2013.


Executive Board/Officers

President –
Suzanne Cerra

President Elect –
Randi Kochman

Vice President –
Jessica Stein Allen

Secretary –
Annmarie Simeone

Co-Chief Operating Officers –
Michelle Schaap, Linda Harvey

Co-Chief Diversity Officers
Carmen Garcia, Eboneé Hamilton Lewis

Chief Financial Officer –
Loren Pierce

Co-General Counsel –
Susan O’Connor, Teddy McCormick

Immediate Past President –
Galit Kierkut

Nominations Director –
Wendy Johnson Lario

At Pleasure of the President-Directors of Endorsements
Lynda Bennett, Kirsten Branigan

At Pleasure of the President-

Director of Grants/Charitable Giving-
Lynne Anderson


Best Practices –
Michelle Haas, Nicole Bearce, Laura Conway

Corporate Relations –
Theresa Donahue Egler, Diana Manning, Jaimee Katz Sussner

Diversity –
Osato Chitou, El Rhonda Alston

Endorsements –
Kirsten Branigan, Lynda Bennett, Michellene Davis, Susan Feeney

Gala Committee Co-Chairs
Susan Kleiner, Kathleen Einhorn

Grants/Charitable Giving
Lynne Anderson, Wendy Klein, Karen Wachs

Judicial Outreach –
Stefani Schwartz, Renee Rubino, Heather Boshak, Angela Iuso, Dina Mastellone

Marketing –
Wendy Johnson Lario, Donna Jennings, Sandra Moran, Tanya Mascarich, Laurie Poulos (Gala Video), Kristy Grazioso (Gala Video)

Membership –
Loryn Lawson, Melissa Bracuti, Ellen Torregrossa-O’Connor

Programming –
Jemi Lucey, Nancy Lottinville, Michelle Sekowski

Public Policy 
Jody Carbone, Christine Bator

Solo/Small Firm 
Carole Nowicki, Jodi Rosenberg

Women’s Leadership –
Cherie Adams, Nancy Arencibia, Kelly Ann Bird

Young Lawyers – 
Elyse Wolff, Silvia Courtney, Jewel Watson

Trustees at Large –
Kristin Sostowski, Elizabeth Legiec

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