Contract Attorney needed – New Jersey Department of Education

Job description – Contract Attorney:


Under the general direction of the Chief Legal and External Affairs Officer of the New Jersey Department of Education, will provide professional assistance to conduct human resource audit of large school district.  Responsibilities will include reviewing teaching staff personnel files; analyzing files and developing criteria to assess teacher effectiveness;  conducting legal research on standards for bringing disciplinary action; creating reports and compiling data on potential disciplinary cases; and assisting management team in preparing tenure charges.


Education: Graduation from an accredited law school with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) Degree.

Experience: Two (2) years as an attorney, one (1) which shall have included experience with educational institutions or other public entities.  The following skills are preferred:  knowledge of school district practices and procedures; knowledge of labor and employment law regarding public sector employees; experience reviewing personnel files; experience drafting complaints and/or pleadings documents; ability to work cooperatively in teams and to manage multiple tasks; proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.


Newark, NJ


6 months


Interested parties should forward resumes to Sue Pancoast at Sue.Pancoast@doe.state.nj.u

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