John W. Marshall on: Justice Thurgood Marshall’s Role in the Civil Rights Movement & his Place in American History

A Diverse Voices: Distinguished Speaker Series presentation from the NJSBA Diversity Committee

Make plans to attend this unparalleled opportunity to examine the legal mind, life, and legacy of Justice Thurgood Marshall. As an attendee, you’ll gain unique insight from John W. Marshall and a panel of notable attorneys and judges as they explore the lasting legacy of a true American icon through two distinct discussions:

Part I – A Personal View of a Public Life Hear directly from Mr. Marshall as he shares a unique firsthand perspective of his father (Justice Thurgood Marshall), and his thoughts on the historic role he played in the civil rights movement. You’ll develop a new understanding of the man behind the Justice Marshall we know from media coverage, as well as the obstacles he overcame in his tireless pursuit of a truly united country. The lessons you learn will not only enable you to become a better attorney, but will also serve as a source of inspiration that will likely touch on everything you do.

Part II – Where are We Now? Drawing from his vast experience as former Director of the United States Marshall’s Service, Mr. Marshall and a panel of notable attorneys and judges will explore the current state of civil rights and policing nationwide. Using current events as a backdrop, the panel will review some of the recent legal and social issues that have dominated social media and gripped our nation, as well as potential strategies we, as attorneys, can use to help uncover – and potentially resolve – future issues that may arise. Presented in cooperation with the NJSBA Diversity Committee, NJICLE and the New Jersey State Bar Foundation.

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