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1. From the following choices, please indicate at what time of day during the week are you most likely available to attend a NJWLA event or program: (choose one)

2. From the following choices, please indicate which purpose motivates you most to attend NJWLA events or programs: (choose one)

3. How did you become aware of the NJWLA?:

4. How many NJWLA events have you attended in the last 12 months?

5. If you are employed in the corporate or in-house sector, please indicate what you would be seeking most from your membership with the NJWLA from the following choices: (choose one)

6. Please indicate if NJWLA networking has led to one or more successful business relationships in your practice:

7(A). Please indicate whether the location of NJWLA programs or meetings has prevented you from attending events or participating actively in the organization?

7(B). If your answer to question “7(A)” was yes, please indicate whether you would be interested in attending a local video simulcast of a NJWLA program that was held outside of your geographical area.

8. Please indicate whether you are a member of a minority bar association:

8(B). If Yes, Please specify:

9. From the following list, which of the following factors do you believe is the greatest impediment to increasing membership in the NJWLA among public sector attorneys:(choose one)

10. Please indicate your practice or employer’s geographical area within the State:

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