New Jersey Women Lawyers Association Announces the Creation of an In-House Counsel Committee

New Jersey Women Lawyers Association

Press Release
The New Jersey Women Lawyers Association (“NJWLA”) is proud to announce the creation of an In-House Counsel Committee. In 2014 the In-House Counsel Committee was formed to address targeted issues and design programming specifically focused to the unique needs, trends and interests of attorneys in corporate practice – in all disciplines. The In-House Counsel Committee welcomes women who are interested in sharing their ideas and experiences as members of corporate legal departments on a variety of issues.The In-House Committee, which is being led by NJWLA Board Members, Pamela Craven and Kristy Grazioso, will have specialized CLE programming, panel discussions and networking events. In addition, In-House Committee members will have the opportunity to participate in all broader programming sponsored by the NJWLA and other sub-committee groups.The In-House Committee is open to all members of the New Jersey State Bar working in-house and/or attorneys admitted to other bars working in-house at New Jersey locations of companies or corporations regardless of where they are headquartered or incorporated. For membership information, and to join, please click here. If you are already an NJWLA member, and would like to be added to the In-House Counsel Committee, please email Colleen Skinner, look forward to this groundbreaking opportunity and hope to see you at our upcoming Brainstorming Event!

About New Jersey Women Lawyers Association

Our mission is to retain women in the legal profession through education and activism, to promote our members to the highest levels of law firm, government, academic, community and corporate positions and to endorse qualified female attorneys for appointments to the state and federal judiciary. NJWLA will foster leadership among its members by promoting professional activities, mentoring, educational programs and networking functions. NJWLA will create task forces to study and advise our membership on gender equity challenges and other issues unique to women in the profession, including “glass ceiling,” “maternal wall,” “daughter track”, pregnancy, caregiver discrimination, and sexual harassment as well as on additional racial and ethnic barriers that women of color in the legal profession face. NJWLA will be the voice on all issues of importance to women engaged in the practice of law in the state of New Jersey.

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