The New Jersey Women Lawyers Association (NJWLA) was formed in 1981. Its founders believed there was an overwhelming need for an independent association to operate separately from the New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA). Over the years, the NJWLA has done some great work, advocating to support female judicial appointments and screening and endorsing female judicial candidates. In the past three years alone, NJWLA has grown to exceed 1000 members. Numerous educational and networking events are held throughout the year for our members. Each spring the WILL Platinum Gala honors women from the private, public and judicial sectors of the profession who work to advance women in the legal profession.

NJWLA Purpose & Mission

  • Engage in statewide efforts to support and promote its members to the highest levels of law firm, government, academic, community, corporate positions and the judiciary.
  • Endorse qualified female attorneys for appointments to the state and federal judiciary.
  • Foster leadership among its membership through promoting professional activities, mentoring, educational programs, networking functions and to generally promote visibility of its membership.
  • Engage in statewide efforts designed to retain women in the legal profession and to assist in, and collaborate with, nationwide efforts to retain women in the legal profession, including through providing education to its membership, corporations, government, the judiciary, law firms, other memberships, associations and/or other organizations, and law school students, particularly on the evolving “Best Practices” geared toward retention of women in the legal profession in New Jersey.
  • Create Task Forces to study and advise the membership on developments affecting the legal status of women, with a focus on gender equity challenges, including those within the legal profession. NJWLA will create a Gender Equity Task Force to compile, analyze and report on statistics, cases and legislation affecting women’s advancement in society and in the legal profession specifically, including detailed review of impediments to advancement, such as “glass ceiling,” “maternal wall,” “daughter track,” pregnancy, caregiver discrimination, and sexual harassment legal barriers. NJWLA will also create a Women of Color Gender Equity Task Force that will compile, analyze and report on statistics, cases and legislation affecting the advancement of women of color in society and in the legal profession, including detailed review of impediments to advancement, with a focus on the additional racial and ethnic barriers that women of color in the legal profession face.
  • Provide a voice for its members through local, state and federal legislative bodies and to support, report on, and submit testimony on legislation (including proposed and/or pending legislation) of importance to women, and to maintain a close liaison with other Bar Associations, the judiciary and other statewide and national organizations which address or promote issues important to NJWLA.
  • Play an active mentoring role by encouraging young women to attend law school, and fostering early leadership skills in women by having members serve as mentors to female law students and college students considering entering the practice of law.
  • Engage in efforts to educate the community about gender equity concerns and issues which fall within the scope of NJWLA’s mission.

NJWLA Bylaws

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