New Jersey Women Lawyers Association 2014-2015 Board Installation Dinner

More than sixty NJWLA Executive Board Members and Committee Directors gathered at The Pleasantdale Chateau on July 9th for the annual NJWLA Board Installation Dinner.

Kirsten Scheurer Branigan, Past President, offered the opening remarks recounting the revitalization of the NJWLA nearly a decade ago.  She was followed by The Honorable Judge Lois Goodman, U.S.M.J., who swore in the members of the Board.

President, Randi Kochman, also addressed attendees about her vision for the upcoming year. Kochman began by celebrating NJWLA’s achievements and highlighting the progress female attorneys have made in New Jersey, but stressed that the NJWLA’s work is far from over.  Her plan to further the NJWLA mission includes raising NJWLA’s “clout” and ensuring NJWLA has a voice regarding all topics affecting female lawyers in New Jersey as well as diversifying membership in terms of geographic location, practice type, ethnicity, race and age.  She plans to facilitate research in our state to assist in determining the reasons why female attorneys still  make up only 17% of firm equity partners and a minority of general counsel and high-level government roles, despite entering and graduating from law school at the same rate as male attorneys.  Kochman also stressed the importance of implementing the NJWLA’s newly-developed strategic plan and announced the appointment of “Vision Leaders” who will work with association committees to ensure programming and related efforts are aimed at reaching and measuring long-term and short-term goals and furthering the Association’s mission.

Photos of the Event:

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